Hidden Truths Within
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Hidden Truths Within

Published Date: April 13, 2021

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The writings contained in this book resulted from a profound experience I had one summer evening quite some time ago. The experience came about when I had just got into bed and was experiencing a high and strong vibration of spiritual energy within my body. I then felt a strong urge to focus all my attention on an area towards the top and back of my head.

Suddenly I found myself sitting in a beautiful
wooded area within a clearing of a forest. It was
nighttime and a wood fire burned quietly before me.

I was sitting on the ground cross-legged looking at the fire and surrounding forest. I then noticed a beautifully still, serene older man of light-brown skin. He was dressed in white robes, sitting cross-legged, with his eyes closed, also facing the fire. He radiated a powerful peace and appeared to be in a deep meditative state. Although we sat in silence, a profound conversation took place between us. This conversation was not through words or thoughts, it took place using the language of love and knowing between our innermost selves.

The writings contained in this book are the truths, teachings and poetic meditations that have taken place through these conversations. May their wisdom enrich your world.


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