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Surviving Loss by Impaired Driving

Published Date: March 31, 2019

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9 x 6


Award-winning Loss by Impaired Driving is a collection of poignant stories by men and women seeking healing and hope after losing a loved one to drunk, drugged or impaired driving. Each of the 17 stories offer different perspectives on how to deal with the challenges of unexpectedly losing someone to at the hands of an impaired crash, including the emotional, mental and social shifts they’re forced to reckon with in the aftermath, including:

  • Facing the funeral
  • Finding support
  • Dealing with the outside world
  • Navigating the legalities of the case
  • Finding forgiveness
  • Questioning faith
  • and more

The collection of stories is a source of comfort for all who share the journey, and offers a treasured reminder that none of us walk this journey alone.


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