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Surviving Loss of an Infant

Published Date: March 31, 2019

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9 x 6


Dianna lost her newborn daughter to trisomy 18. Linda lost her 8-week-old son to SIDS. Melissa’s 13-month-old son died from sepsis.

Surviving Loss of an Infant is a collection of poignant stories by women seeking healing and hope after stillbirth or losing a baby ranging from newborn up to 2 years of age. Each story offers different perspectives on how to deal with the challenges of unexpectedly losing a baby, including the emotional, mental and social shifts a woman is forced to reckon with in the aftermath, including.

  • Facing the funeral
  • Surviving the transition
  • What to do with our baby’s belongings
  • Facing fears about future pregnancies
  • Navigating the holidays
  • Answering sensitive questions
  • and more

The collection of stories is a source of comfort for all who share the journey, and offers a treasured reminder that none of us walk this journey alone.


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